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Industrial Vacuums

magikist vbo vacuumVB0 Vacuum with iCoin Electronic Acceptor (Magikist)

Rugged stainless steel construction withstands years of outdoor use. Ideal for commercial use of any kind.

Twin 1.6hp two stage bypass ball bearing motors. High security BlockLock coin meter with iCoin electronic multi-coin acceptor. iCoin accepts your choice of quarter, loonie, or toonie and up to 3 tokens. Electronic microprocessor timer can accumulate over 9 hours of time per vend with no limit to the number of coins that can be accumulated. Electromechanical six digit coin counter.

False bottom compartment allows for convenient and concealed power hookup with mounting feet that are not exposed externally. Adjustable latch on clean out door provides access to dual clean out bins. Coin meter can be replaced if required for servicing.

Supplied with heavy duty 1.5" vacuum hose and efficient aluminum claw style nozzle.

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92000 Series Standard Vacuums (Coleman Hanna)

The most economical and popular vacuum that provides the high performance quality you expect from Coleman Hanna. Provides dependable service with low maintenance required. This unit does not come standard with digital timers or graphic decals.

9200 vacuumsStandard Features:

  • 18 gauge stainless steel body
  • Fuse protected
  • 2” vacuum hose and cuff
  • Solid state 110V adjustable timer
  • Test switch
  • 2 – 1.6 H.P. vacuum motors
  • Dual latch clean out door
  • Your choice of dome color
  • Choice of Switch, Push Button, or Coin Acceptor Model.
  • Optional: standard or custom graphic decals; pole or pedestal mount

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93000 supervac 350px93000 Series Super Vac (Coleman Hanna)


  • Oval Vacuum Style
  • Graphic Vacuum Body Decal
  • 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
  • Countdown Timer
  • Built-in coin Counter & Vacuum Cycle Counter
  • Electronic Coin Acceptor
  • Four Filter Bag Design
  • Your Choice of Dome Color
  • Twin 1.6 HP Vacuum Motors
  • Shipping Weight of 325 lbs.

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Central Vacuums

Central Vac

The central vacuum system is ideal for locations with free vacuums such as full service and express tunnels. Our improved producer has larger bearings with an optional 25 HP model. Likewise, an optional vacuum gauge can be mounted on the collector to monitor the performance of the system. Lastly, the attractive and long-lasting stainless steel vacuum arches are sure to entice customers to stop.central vacuum system 400px

  • NEW Hanna Central Vacuum has been improved to provide longer life and better performance.
  • Comes with an exhaust pipe to easily install a muffler if needed or desired
  • Heavy Duty Bearings and 1-1/4” shaft, larger than the old design
  • Optional vacuum gauge can be mounted inside the collector to measure the performance of the vacuum
  • Dimensions mounted producer and collector 28”x100” ( 0,72 m x 2,55 m )
  • Durable Stainless Steel Parts
  • 20 HP or 25 HP model available

Vacuum Islands

Vacuum Islands

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Combo Vacuum

Combo Vac

  • Blast N Vac
  • Air N Vac
  • Shampoo N Vac
  • Fragrance N Vac

Fragrance Machines

Fragrance Machines

frangrance machines 400pxThe 28010 Hot Foam Carpet Shampooer and the 46010 Misty Fragrance Machine provide all the benefits of the 94040 and the 94050 models but without the vacuum. Both units are made of durable stainless steel and have electronic coin acceptors. These units are available with a pedestal or pole mount.

Misty Fragrance Machine Features:

  • Easy price and time change
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Built-in coin counter
  • Electronic coin acceptor – accepts one type coin only
  • Three fragrance selections with graphic inserts to label fragrance
  • Push button switches for function selection
  • Graphic coin meter marketing decal
  • 3 gallon fragrance
  • Built-in fragrance cycle counter
  • Lit visual display

Foam Carpet Shampooer Features

  • Count down timer
  • Interior shampooer delivers hot foam to the customer at the push of a button
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy Time and price change
  • Graphic coin meter marketing decal
  • Built in coin counter
  • Field-programmable freeze protection
  • Electronic coin acceptor
  • Push button switches for function selection
  • One case of shampoo

Air Machines

J.E. Adams Air Machine - GAST Compressor - Vault Ready

air machineModel #8685-2GVR. Comes standard with the following features (unless noted) and identifies replacement products:

  • Requires 10 AMP service
  • Dimensions: 11.06" H x 12.5" D x 17" W
  • 3/4 HP oil-less GAST air compressor, 18-month warranty (Replacement Item #9862)
  • SSAC 110 volt non-accumulating timer standard (Replacement Item #8712SS5)
  • Cut resistant 25’ x 1/4” with wire braid service station quality air hose (Replacement Item #8532-25) with 90 PSI inline air gauge (Replacement Item #8533-8)
  • Secured with (2) Medeco screw locks (Replacement Item #8958-2)
  • Imonex mechanical coin acceptor takes quarters (Replacement Item #8124B001)
  • Wall or pedestal mounted (Item #8819-50) **PEDESTAL SOLD SEPARATELY**