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Quest Car Care Products®

Quest Car Care Products® manufactures professional grade chemicals that are used to clean and detail vehicles around the world. They offer a complete line up of pre-soaks, degreasers, cleaners, soaps, polishes, waxes, protectants, dressings, fragrances, aerosols and water treatment.

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Turtle Wax® Pro

Turtle Wax® Pro chemical solutions are designed and engineered to handle challenging cleaning conditions. Their products are safe, biodegradable, and Eco-Logo certified, while ensuring quality and performance are not compromised.

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PPS Brand

  • PPS-37 Pre-soak Ultra for heavy duty organic grime - Trucks, Buses, Heavy Machinery
  • PPS-39 Golden Glow Foamer for bucket washing - vehicle washing
  • PPS-41 Cherry Wax for spray on vehicle wax - wax
  • PPS-45 Foaming Alkaline for heavy cleaning - stall cleaning, equipment cleaning, great when used with the foam lance